Brave Floral is the lovechild of creative curiosity and botanical admiration.

Stemming from a young age, I grew up constantly making, building and problem-solving (read: retiling the powder room in my childhood home at age 12 - true story). My VCR recordings included Martha Stewart Living and This Old House instead of 90210 and Real World. I found comfort in problem-solving projects from start to finish, and learning all there was to know along the way. Caring for our modest backyard garden with my mother was one of my most beloved home projects. It's where I learned the earnest appreciation for nature's nuances. In the springtime, we'd start our seeds indoors, tend to the beds of flowers and vegetables in the summer, plant bulbs in the fall, and then plan the following year's plantings each winter. Lots of lessons learned in growth, loss, success and failure. And so it continues like that today...

This innate craving to "do" and "make" came on strong as I worked various corporate & agency jobs managing projects & events around the world. Some seven years ago, I began training at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, followed by the renowned Floral Design program at The New York Botanical Garden. What started as a creative outlet became a full-fledged romance with an entire craft. 

Today, I take on several special projects a year as Brave Floral, in addition to freelancing for various studios in New York City and Philadelphia, PA. I currently live in the Watchung Mountains of New Jersey with my husband Justin sans pets, but plenty of plants.

Val Braverman